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love this!
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The Summit Lake Hornets Nike LeBron 11 releases in stores and online Saturday. Here is a closer look.


Did You Know? Brad Bird, the writer and director of The Incredibles, based each of the characters powers on family archetypes. “The dad is always expected in the family to be strong, so i made him strong. The moms are always pulled in a million different directions, so I made her stretch like taffy. Teenagers…are insecure and defensive, so I made her turn invisible and turn on shields. Ten-year-old boys are hyperactive energy balls. And babies are unrealized potential,” says Bird

Yea that’s all great but where is my fucking sequel

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There’s so much that I have to do. I’m not on track with any of my classes. Now I have to buy my Chem lab because I can’t make copies anymore. I still haven’t bought my mathlabs, mastering Chem and bio. I can’t afford them right now. I’m struggling in Chem and college algebra, and bio. But I’m doing good in my algebra and trig class and I’ll be fine in English if I keep up with the blog and DO my eassys. I love the readings for the class but writing is just not for me. I was actually able to understand chapter 4&5 in chem, so that’s a good start. I just gotta get to class on time and pay attention. I’m turning over a new leaf. No more procrastination for me. Until next time.

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